Vida style

Vida is business savvy; offering the technology, services, environments and facilities that its guests need to optimise their stay, whether in its hotels or in its serviced residences.

Everyone is welcome

Here, the extras are extras, not basics. It is fun, a playground – a reason to relax and invent, to fuel and connect. Freedom, intuition, inspiration and responsibility is the Vida mantra. For those wishing to have some downtime, the outdoor swimming pool, the beach and cabanas are the perfect way to unwind.

Vida people

Vida is born to host the entrepreneurs, the out of the box thinkers, the future CEOs among us. It welcomes the global citizen, the cultural creative and the local, social soul. These people are leaders and dreamers, exploring the world and their own capabilities. They are confident, intelligent and appreciative of value – but they know how to reward themselves, and they do.

Vida rooms and residences

With a variety of options, ranging from comfortable, to extremely comfortable, all guest rooms, suites and residences are well appointed and are styled to evoke a sense of calm and ease.

Other Features

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